When Should You See A Dermatologist For Your Acne?

Sure, acne seems like a pretty normal rite of passage for most teenagers; however, teens aren’t the only ones dealing with breakouts. Everyone from young children to older adults can also deal with acne.

While minor acne may be managed with simple acne cleansers and commercial products, it’s also important to know when it’s time to see a dermatologist. Our dermatologist, Dr. Richard Cirelli and team have worked with many patients to pinpoint the root cause of their acne symptoms to help them achieve clearer skin.

It may be time to see a dermatologist if,

Over-The-Counter Medications Aren’t Working

There are no miracle products that will get rid of acne overnight. You will need to wait up to 12 weeks to see if a product is effective; however, if you’ve been giving products time to work and you still aren’t seeing results, then this is when a trip to the dermatologist may be warranted.

You (Or Your Teen) Feel Self-Conscious

Acne can be embarrassing at any age. If you find yourself feeling depressed or upset about your appearance because of breakouts this reason alone is a good enough reason to start seeing a dermatologist. We know that breakouts are a big deal for teenagers. If you find your teen socially withdrawing or feeling depressed because of breakouts, we can help.

You Are Dealing With Deep, Painful Cysts

Some acne such as blackheads and whiteheads respond well to commercial products that don’t require a prescription; however, the deep, cystic acne that lies under the skin is a bit trickier to treat. This type of acne is also prone to scarring. That’s why it’s important to turn to a qualified dermatologist who can provide more aggressive and effective treatment that can kill the bacteria responsible for this deep, severe form of acne.

You’re Suddenly Breaking Out

If you aren’t someone who normally deals with acne and then suddenly you notice a breakout you may also want to consult with a dermatologist. While you may just assume it’s a nasty bout of acne, not all red bumps are pimples. You could be dealing with other skin problems such as dermatitis or rosacea. In order to treat the problem effectively, you first need to know what is causing your symptoms.

Sunwest Dermatology & Skin Cancer Treatment Center in Prescott, AZ can help you get clearer, healthier skin. If you are having trouble getting your acne under control, schedule a consultation with us at (928) 445-7546.

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